Don’t be fooled by the name! Hard to label he’s so different from the others.

He’s a mean Gritty, Rock n Rolla, very original, self styled guitar slinger with hard hitting vocals.


“Kev (That Rockabilly Guy) has his own unique sounds and style” – Cairns Post

Playing a vintage Gretsch guitar and chrome double bass switching instruments during songs using loop pedals to build the sound as he goes through each song.

Kev has a very distinct style encompassing dare I say a nuancé rocknrolla repertoire with intruders from other genres matching sounds similar to the Living End, Green Day and Stray Cats

Kev has supported international artists many times all around Australia and the UK.

Kev – That Rockabilly Guy. In one of many fans opinion is what’s missing in some venues & festivals. He fills the gap and brings new young blood into venues.

Kev has just wrapped up filming episodes of Jimeoin comedian show channel 10 to be aired October this year and has a single release in final production.

Extensively touring Australia NZ USA Europe.

This is an original one of a kind show every song has a familiar ring to it and grasp audiences to tap their feet and get up and dance. Filling out venues & festivals all around Australia.

That Rockabilly Guy a captivating, high-energy performer blending musicianship, creativity and tradition.

 What the fans say!

He’s a “bottomless barrel of musical ear candy” in the words of one eloquent fan. Fans say time and time again that they loved dancing, stomping, singing along 

The name That Rockabilly Guy has stuck with Kev since he started soloing a while back now.

It was easier to refer to Kev as That Rockabilly Guy when mentioning him. The name has stuck ever since. But he’s not just that he’s so much more.

That Rockabilly Guy plays a huge range of music being an original artist and he plays a modern set that Rocks the crowds

In the beginning…

Kev started out in life as a normal young boy at home surrounded by his 4 brothers one sister all you could here musically in the house was Rock n Roll from the 50s through to the 70s and later .

Around this time Kev’s uncle was a musician in a local band and encouraged Kev to play music. He gave Kev a broken bass to learn to play on it had a broken neck but if you didn’t tighten the strings too much you could still play it. My father didn’t like me practising at home so I had to play quietly unplugged in the bedroom.

The earliest influence was Eddie Cochran an American singer songwriter well know for song such as C,mon Everybody, Summertime Blues.

When Kev was 13 he used to go to the local pubs and watch bands play. One night a guy called Mick from ( the Time Lords band ) approached me and said I hear you can play I said yeh he said would I do a gig with them in London supporting Shakin Stevens and the Sunsets and that’s where it all starts… A boy of 13 on stage in London with a band playing to a huge crowd what a 1st gig that was.

Kev got a taste for playing after this and played with a few bands as he was talented he could join in at short notice and play that night.

Kev formed his 1st band with some friends he had met around the pubs, fellow young boys that liked the same music but were too young to be allowed to play in the pubs and other bands wouldn’t even give them a go.

We played our 1st gig in a smoke filled venue and were a hit from the 1st song. Once people started to notice us the other members started getting offered spots in other bands so it fell apart.

Kev then went on to play in a band called The Street Rods then at the age of 20 was press ganged into going to work for a living and left the scene. Always pondering the thought of playing music. Later Kev at the age now of 55 came back to music to have another go it was like a calling.

Kev had always admired bass players like Mark King ( Level 42 ) and John Entwistle ( The Who )

So spent time studying their methods and soon was up to speed playing just the same. Being very happy with this Kev was then offered to play in a rockabilly band in Australia but it was a double bass. Kev had never played one before so he went to the audition picked up the instrument and played what he thought was the right way ..the guys went wild said how long have you been playing Kev replied about 10 minutes they replied no how long have you been playing the double bass he said yes 10 minutes I’ve just picked it up now …he got the job.

So after a while playing with these guys Kev realised it wasn’t enough so he left and formed his own band Red Dice.

He auditioned for a guitarist and drummer, Kev had a bit of success but like all bands the other members became unreliable so Kev disbanded the act and sat for a while contemplating his next move.

Kev had noticed a few solo people playing to taped music at pubs he didn’t think much of this as it wasn’t really playing live music and also had noticed another guy playing with looping peddles …looping pedal allows you to record playing guitar live and play back immediately and then play along and sing at same time.

So armed with this info Kev set about learning looping and playing guitar singing all at the same time. Once Kev had researched and found what was needed to do this he then started to learn how to do it then realising would need some drums he went on to learn drums and play them into a looper and play along to himself now on drums bass and guitar live on stage whilst singing.

The act was now coming together so Kev and his partner Tina wanted to go around Australia so Kev thought it would be good to learn the ropes whilst traveling playing to outback crowds learning his craft.

So off they headed outback no plan just see what’s out there.

First ever solo gig was at the world famous Daily Waters Outback Pub.

Kev walked in said to the guy behind the bar what entertainment have you tonight the guy replied we’ve been let down so Kev offered his act up to him the guy replied I’ll give you dinner and a beer and a camping spot if your any good will talk. So Kev set up and played his first ever solo performance to a few outback stragglers it went well so the pub asked him to stay on and do an 8 night in a row show.

After this success Kev realised he could do it on his own so developed the act and is now called That Rockabilly Guy and is a very successful touring act.

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